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Hybrid cloud scenarios with Azure IaaS services typically consist of an IT workload that runs on virtual machines that is transparently connected to your on-premises network.

Your on-premises users will not notice the difference. You must account for the following elements when planning and implementing hybrid cloud scenarios with Microsoft cloud platforms and services.

Hybrid networking in Microsoft Azure

Networking for hybrid cloud scenarios includes the connectivity to Microsoft cloud platforms and services and enough bandwidth to be performant under peak loads. You can also extend your on-premises Identity infrastructure to Azure IaaS.

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Security for hybrid cloud scenarios includes protection and management for your identities, data protection, administrative privilege management, threat awareness, and the implementation of governance and security policies. Management for hybrid cloud scenarios includes the ability to maintain settings, data, accounts, policies, and permissions and to monitor the ongoing health of the elements of the scenario and its performance.

Microsoft Hybrid Cloud for Enterprise Architects. Microsoft Cloud IT architecture resources.

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What is a public cloud?

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Microsoft Azure (Windows Azure)

Profile Sign out. Microsoft hybrid cloud Microsoft hybrid cloud is a set of business scenarios that combine a Microsoft cloud platform with an on-premises component, such as: Getting search results from content both in an on-premises SharePoint farm and in SharePoint Online in Office A mobile app running in Azure that queries an on-premises data store.

An intranet IT workload running on Azure virtual machines. Because Microsoft has the most complete cloud solution in the marketplace—including Software as a Service SaaS , PaaS, and IaaS—you can: Leverage your existing on-premises investments as you migrate workloads and applications to the cloud.

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Create additional hybrid scenarios that include multiple Microsoft cloud services and platforms. Scenarios for hybrid cloud with Microsoft cloud services vary with the platform. Azure IaaS Azure IaaS services allow you to build and run server-based IT workloads in the cloud, rather than in your on-premises datacenter.

Elements of hybrid cloud You must account for the following elements when planning and implementing hybrid cloud scenarios with Microsoft cloud platforms and services.

Hybrid cloud overview

GK Vendor M This course provides you with the knowledge required to deploy and configure Microsoft Azure Stack. You will then review Software Defined Networking and configuring resource providers within Microsoft Azure Stack as well as establishing best practices for monitoring and troubleshooting. This course is intended for service administrators, DevOps, and cloud architects who are interested in using Microsoft Azure Stack to provide cloud services to their end users or customers from within their own datacenter.

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